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Lying Muslim Prof. Who Got Christian Student Expelled Hit With Sweet Revenge

People of the Muslim faith feel they are entitled to do what they want and condemn everyone who does not follow the exact dictates of Islam.

This is exactly what a Muslim professor did when she got a Christian student expelled after he stated views in her class that she apparently took offense to. Well, karma has come to bite her in the behind as she is now going to get fired for sharing false information with the authorities, via Constitution.

It seems she actually lied about what the Christian student said in class, and now authorities are coming after her for lying. She even got another student to lie for her in a police report, so she might end up in prison as well as be out of a job, via The College Fix.

Muslims, liberals… they all lie and cheat to twist the truth to suit their agenda, leaving a trail of conservatives in their wake without any remorse whatsoever.

Most words that come out of their mouths are defensive, and they blame others for all their mistakes. If this professor was willing to lie to the police, what else was she willing to lie about?

Amazingly, someone responsible for teaching young adults not only has extreme views but also a criminal record! What idiot hired this woman in the first place? They should be fired too!

She has committed offenses that include radicalizing her lover’s two sons, fundraising for a man connected with 1993 World Trade Center bombings, and defending statements that said, “Death to all Jews.”

Does this sound to you like somebody morally upstanding and the right person to educate our young people?

For somebody to have this many offenses over such a long period of time, it is astonishing to learn she even got a job in the first place. Many universities and colleges around the country lean too far to the left and hire people like this due to political correctness.

This practice needs to be stopped or else our country will fall into an abyss, as these places will become breeding grounds for social justice warriors. If she cannot engage in a simple debate about the interpretation of Sharia Law, she needs to be removed.

H/T Angrypatriotmovement

There was a time when children went to school to learn different things, so they could make educated decisions for themselves. Today, our school systems are like the borg in that they want everyone to assimilate to the liberal way of thinking or be ostracized from society… and that needs to change NOW!

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