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Man Tries Robbing Woman At Chicago Bus Stop. She Fatally Shoots Him.

A woman with a concealed carry license fatally shot an armed man who attempted to rob her while at a bus stop in the Fernwood neighborhood in Chicago Tuesday morning.

Around 6:15 a.m., the 25-year-old woman was approached while waiting for her bus alone, by a 19-year-old man who attempted to rob her at gunpoint, ABC 7 reported.

The man reportedly pulled out a firearm and announced he would rob her. The woman reached for her firearm and fired one round at the attempted robber, shooting him in the neck.

In a surveillance video, the man is seen fleeing the scene after being shot and the woman runs in the opposite direction. He was later discovered one block away and taken to Christ Medical Center where he died.

ABC7 reporter Diane Pathieu tweeted that the woman had a concealed carry license.

“Surveillance cameras capture an attempted armed robbery,” Pathieu wrote. “A 19yo man attempted to rob a 25yo woman at gunpoint waiting at a bus stop at 103rd & Wallace. What he didn’t know is that she has a concealed carry license. She pulled out her gun and shot him in the neck. He died.”

The identities of both people involved in the incident have not been released, and the woman has reportedly suffered a minor injury.

Neighbors told CBS Chicago that they supported the women’s act of self-defense.

“I’m glad that she fought back, I’m glad that we’re not reading about her on a slab somewhere,” a local woman told reporters. “In this day and age, they don’t care whether or not if you’re a senior citizen or you’re middle-aged or you’re a child, if they pull a gun on you they intend to hurt you in some way and take everything that you worked for. We don’t owe the offender anything.”

Another neighbor said that she was “proud” of what the victim did because “she stuck up for herself.”

Chicago is no stranger to gun violence and crime. According to the Chicago Tribune, in 2018, more than 2,900 people were shot and there were more than 570 homicides, which is an 18% decline for shootings and a 15% decline for homicides from 2017.

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