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Marine Dad Makes School PAY After Pushing Muslim Propaganda On Daughter

Our school system has been taken over by dark and treasonous forces hell-bent on the destruction of America, but one angry dad is standing up to them.

Marine Corps veteran John Kevin Wood has joined forces with The Thomas More Law Center to sue Charles County Public Schools for infringing on his daughter’s constitutional rights. Wood and his lawyers allege that Islam and Islamic beliefs are being promoted through the World History curriculum of the Maryland school. 

Wood and his daughter are both practicing Christians, and they were disgusted by the curriculum of the history class. Teachers instructed their students to write, memorize, and then proclaim the Shahada.

The Shahada is an Islamic statement of faith where devotees declare, “There is no god but Allah, and Muhammad is the messenger of Allah.” Recent converts of Islam are required to utter the creed three times to cement their conversion and declare their submission to Islam.

Forcing students to recite the creed is a violation not just of the separation of church and state, but also a violation of the religious convictions of Christians. Merely reading the Shahada would violate two of the Ten Commandments, which asks adherents not to bear false witness or take any god before the one true God.

The class did not just ask students to recite the Shahada, but they were also required to learn the Five Pillars of Islam. The assignments of the history class were filled with Islamic propaganda. One assignment even told students that Muslims have more conviction in their beliefs than Christians.

When the marine and his daughter approached the administration to discuss their concerns, they were arrogantly brushed aside. Woods was even banned from returning to his daughter’s school.

His daughter was also punished for her religious beliefs. After refusing to recite the Muslim statement of faith, she was forced to sit alone in the school’s library. She received a failing grade in the class.

The actions of the Maryland school are part of a wider trend to promote Islam through the public school system. Recently PBS was threatened with legal action by a prominent religious group for a lesson plan they created. The national lesson plan was designed to convert students to the barbaric faith, and it asked teachers to bring Islamic preachers into the classroom to speak with students directly.

Liberals have taken control of the education systems of America and are using their power in an attempt to destroy any sense of patriotism in our youth. They are pushing Islam on our children in an attempt to undermine the history and Christian values that this nation was founded on.

The left is in an unholy alliance with Islam since both groups share the goals of the destruction of America and the erosion of Christianity.

We need more parents like Mr. Woods to stand up to liberal school officials and take legal action when necessary. The only way we can save the minds of our youth is by fighting against this blatant propaganda.

H/T Angrypatriotmovement

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