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Mattis Slams Report Saying Military Parade Costs $90 Million: ‘Idiot’ Who Told the Media Is Smoking Something

Secretary of Defense James Mattis gave a strong rebuke to the recent news that the military parade, to take place at the orders of President Donald Trump, was going to cost $90 million.

While traveling in South America, Mattis told reporters he had not seen an estimated cost for the total parade.

“The estimates are coming to me, I’ve given initial guidance, but I have received no such estimate,” he said.

According to Mattis, he has only seen “premature” costs for certain elements to the parade.

Watch the video below:

Mattis then gave his thoughts on the report and the defense official who provided the high number.

“Whoever told you that is probably smoking something that’s legal in my state, but not in most states,” he said.

“I’m not dignifying that number with any reply,” he added. “Anybody who said that, almost guarantee one thing, they probably said ‘I need to stay anonymous.’ No kidding, because you look like an idiot. And number two whoever wrote it needs to get better sources.”

In a statement Thursday evening, the Department of Defense said they and the White House “have now agreed to explore opportunities in 2019.” The parade was originally planned to take place on November 10 this year.

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