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Maxine Waters Is Forced To Defend Her Congressional Seat

Maxine Waters criticism has returned as a boomerang at her, coming as a threat of her political career.  Past few months she was doing everything she can to finish President Trump especially with “Impeach 45” campaign. Now, she got a very bad news and her supporters like Whoopi Goldberg are trying to save her.

Maxine Waters will be forced to defend her congressional chair in 2018 because, after thirteen re-elections, her district is a mess; a high rate of poverty and criminal, unlike her life in wealthy mansion away from her voters.

Omar Navarro, her opponent, until recently didn’t have any chance to get the right amount of funds he needed for the effective campaign against Waters. But, on a fundraiser that he held on Donald Trump’s golf course, a miracle happened.

Roger Stone, the men who helped Nixon, Reagan, and Trump to get elected, was at the same place.

So here is the bad news that Maxine received. Stone said that he is officially going to work, to get Navarro elected. “This Congressional Race is different. This race is not about liberal or conservative. It’s not about Republican or Democrat. It’s about a corrupt public official … and a tough and young energetic reformer who will provide honest government,” Stone stated to the public.

In his speech, Navarro stated, “I’m very proud to have Roger on our side. That’s a major win for us.” As the View saw problems on the horizon for their Democrat, they decided to support Mad Maxine.

This was a weak attempt to make a twist on Maxine’s interruptions on Steve Mnuchin during a congressional hearing.

This could be her end, as she will have to face a real challenger in the race for her seat.

With Roger Stone involved Mad Maxine political career is seriously threatened. It will be interesting to see the debates between her and Navarro, as she now has no arguments which will help her keep the career.

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