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McCain Told Schumer: “Lets see Donald make america great again now”

PETITION: 100,000 Signatures to Force Congress to Use Obamacare!

John McCain is the biggest traitor and his actions on Obamacare proved that. He said something to Chuck Schumer after he harmed the Obamacare repeal that will disgust you!!!

The Republican activist Jack Posobiec just revealed what McCain plan was along with the Democrats.

Many Hill employees confirmed that McCain was laughing together with the Democrats and commented: “LET’S SEE DONALD MAKE AMERICA GREAT NOW.”

None of these people want America to be great again. They will do anything to make this nation suffer, they are greedy and corrupted, and the only way they know how to be happy is when they steal from the innocent working citizens.

But unfortunately for them, we are stronger as we have never been before.

This man is associated with Isis, and the picture above only proves what we were saying all along, Yes, he is a traitor!

The Congress felt threaten by Trump, the only true man who actually cares about the American people and puts our needs before his and before the liberal elites. They want to present him as a weak man and are obstructing his efforts in making America great again.

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PETITION: 100,000 Signatures to Force Congress to Use Obamacare!

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