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THIS MEANS WAR! China Just Insulted Trump and America in SICKEST Way Possible!!

China has just done the unthinkable. In a fit of rage against Donald Trump after his call with the President of Taiwan, China decided to publish an article in their People’s Daily Newspaper saying Trump will NOT Make America Great Again!

The front page article of the paper read: ‘Provoking friction and messing up China-US relations won’t help “make America great again.”‘

However, China’s attack on Trump did not end there. The Chinese Global Times issued their own, much more offensive statement saying ‘inability to keep his mouth shut’, and accusing him of pushing ‘provocation and falsehoods’.

Of course, this was all sparked by Trump’s Tweets following his call to Taiwan where he exposed the fact that the US give BILLIONS in weaponry to Taiwan government while officially not acknowledging them.


I agree with Trump. We are getting totally screwed by the Chinese government who use the people of Taiwan as cheap slave labor to produce goods to sell back to us. NO MORE!

The United States needs to be ready to stand up for our supposed beliefs and say NO MORE to China for using slaves and Saudi Arabia for abusing women.

Nobody will ever take us seriously as we push for human rights and Democracy and American Values around the world until we are willing to stand up for those values. Trump knows that and is finally ready to do something about it.

Thank you, Donald Trump, for restoring dignity to our country that has been lacking in any real leadership and respect for DECADES!

Source: Libertywritersnews

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