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MEDIA WON’T SHOW THIS! Look What He Snuck Away From Trump To Do Yesterday

Like his new boss, Vice President-Elect Mike Pence also loves Christmas.

On Saturday, Mike Pence left the ever-busy transition efforts for, shall we say, a higher calling. An upward calling. Pence spent the day lighting Christmas trees and reading The Night Before Christmas to children in Indiana, as per 13 WTHR.

As has become his custom, Pence launched the Christmas celebrations at the Indiana Statehouse. Pence and his wife, Karen, decorated seven trees with the help of several elementary school kids.

Pence also sat with the children and read the timeless Christmas tale to them. Later, the children decorated with an ornament that they were able to take home. Quite a memento from their time with their Governor and the Vice President-Elect.

Don’t expect to see events like these covered by the mainstream media, who are predominantly made up of left-wing, anti-Christian, anti-Christmas hacks. They hate Christmas.

In fact, they have labored mightily with their cohorts in political offices to all but extinguish Christmas from our lives. Truth told, they made significant progress over the last eight years in their endeavor.

President Obama, himself, spearheaded the movement. He became the first US president to suppress the spirit of Christmas in lieu of the broader banner of the general holidays. Ah, the joy that comes to your heart when someone serenades you with a “Happy Holidays!”

The media not only hates Pence’s boss, President-Elect Trump, but they hate Pence himself. Why, you innocently wonder? Because of his beliefs. Because of things like Christmas.

Think I’m kidding? Consider the Huffington Post who have called Pence “scary!” They compare Pence to Mary Tyler Moore’s Ted Baxter — calling him “uninformed,” of “perpetual cluelessness,” “pompous,” and “close minded.”

Say what you will about Mike Pence, but he is anything but pompous. Is this not the pot calling the kettle black? For those of you that might be new to the political scene, liberals always consider anyone who doesn’t hold the same beliefs as them as pompous, clueless, and close minded. You see, we ALL have to think the way they think.

Trump and Pence are bringing back many of the traditions that, well, made America great to begin with. Look for more!

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Source: Angry Patriot Movement

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