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Medical Examiner, Hired By Jeffrey Epstein’s Family, Says ‘Evidence Points Toward Homicide’

Forensic pathologist Dr. Michael Baden, hired by Jeffrey Epstein’s brother to witness the accused pedophile’s autopsy and review the results, claimed Wednesday that characteristics of Epstein’s death are consistent with homicide, not suicide as previously determined.

Baden made an appearance on Fox News Wednesday morning to deliver his results, the New York Post reports, telling the network’s hosts that he believes medical examiners were too hasty in conclusing Epstein’s death was a suicide, particularly given that some key questions remain about the conditionof Epstein’s body.

Epstein died by hanging in his jail cell back in August. He had just been transferred to a “special housing unit” within the Metropolitan Detention Center in New York City in order to provide him with greater protection. At the time, he was facing dozens of sex trafficking charges stemming from years spent allegedly shuttling young women between several of his massive homes, so that he and his friends could use them for sex.

Although Epstein’s death was quickly ruled a suicide — he had already attempted to hang himself once, just two weeks before and strips from the sheet on his bed was left tied around his neck — details of his final hours, released days and even weeks later, seemed to cast a pall of uncertainty over the whole affair.

Cameras, trained on Epstein’s jail cell, went conveniently dark that night, malfunctioning at just the right time and failing to record Epstein’s suicide. The accused pedophile had recently been taken off suicide watch and two jail guards, assigned to check up on Epstein every thirty minutes, “failed to follow procedure” according to Reuters leaving the accused pedophile alone for an extended period of time.

There’s also the matter of a small chin bone — the “hyoid bone” — that forms a horseshoe just underneath the chin around where a human’s skull connects to his spine, just above the Adam’s Apple.

Jeffrey Epstein’s was broken — something that, USA Today and others report. happens only rarely in cases of suicide by hanging (about 6% of the time), but is common in cases of death by strangulation.

Baden focused heavily on the hyoid bone in his revelations Wednesday morning.

“I think that the evidence points toward homicide rather than suicide,” he told Fox News, referencing the bone, adding that such a break is “more consistent with ligature homicidal strangulation”

“Hanging does not cause these broken bones and homicide does,” Baden continued. “A huge amount of pressure was applied.”

Baden also questioned the prison’s security procedures and the medical examiner’s decision to clip Epstein’s fingernails, suggesting that they could have DNA evidence that might indicate Epstein was involved in a struggle before his death.

“They took fingernail clippings to see if there’s anybody else’s DNA on it and that hasn’t been released, neither has information about whose DNA is on the ligature out of torn strips of orange sheets,” Baden contended. “Whoever made it has to have a lot of DNA on it and the brother has been asking for that from day one.”

Baden was clear that he is a hired expert, and that Epstein’s brother, Mark, is the one interested in the autopsy results, if only because Mark believes his family may be in danger if Jeffrey Epstein was, indeed, killed.

“The brother is concerned that if [Epstein] was murdered, then other people who have information might be at risk,” Baden told Fox News. “If they think he has information, his life could be in jeopardy.”

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