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Meghan McCain Wrecks CNN’s Stelter After He Insinuates CNN Does In-Depth Coverage

On Wednesday, Meghan McCain, co-host on ABC’s “The View,” ripped CNN’s Brian Stelter after he commented on Twitter that a heated debate on “The View” revolving around calling GOP voters racist would take more than an hour to resolve. Stelter tweeted:

McCain fired back that CNN wouldn’t deal with racist issues when they were right in front of their face, tweeting, “Or sometimes we only need one segment on a subject to expose real anti-semitism when your network spent an entire year on a documentary on the subject and never touched it.” On Monday on “The View,” McCain had directly confronted Women’s March president Tamika Mallory about anti-Semitism within the organization.

On Tuesday on “The View,” the co-hosts were discussing the repercussions from recent remarks made by Rep. Steve King (R-IA). Co-host Sunny Hostin asked, “Will Republicans now step up to the plate with Donald Trump, because he has been using, I think, the border wall as sort of this dog whistle for racism? The government is still shut down, and I think it’s all about, let’s not let all these brown people in, right? Unless they’re working for farmers, unless they’re working in agriculture, now will the Republican Party step up to him and say ‘we don’t want this any more.’”

Co-host Abby Huntsman then asked, “But Sunny, there’s 42 percent of this country that support the wall. Are they all racist?”

Hostin answered, “That’s a good question.”

Huntsman pressed, “I’m asking you that.”

Hostin repeated, “That’s a good question.”

Huntsman commented, “I don’t think so. I think a lot of people believe in security.”

Hostin asked Huntsman, “Is Donald Trump racist?”

Huntsman chortled, “Duh.” Then she defended people who favored a wall, adding, “If you’re going to paint a broad stroke about a wall and that being racist …”

Hostin repeated, “Is Donald Trump racist?

McCain had had enough. She stated, “There are a lot of people who support that wall and I think when you blanket, I think this is the problem with identity politics in the country, which is something we sort of touched on yesterday is when you broad-stroke everyone. All black people think one thing. All Hispanics think one thing. All Republicans think one thing. That’s how we got ourselves into this mess. And I’m one of the people who would like to pull ourselves out of it.”

McCain added, “Please don’t paint me, just because I’m for border security, that I somehow am racist in some way or another — ’cause I don’t think that’s fair.” She asked Hostin, “Do you think 42 percent of Americans are racist?”

Hostin replied, “I just said I don’t know.”

After some talk back and forth, McCain said to co-host Joy Behar, “You did just call 42 percent of the country — there was an implication that they could be racist. That is something that is going to make Abby and I uncomfortable.”

“Check the platform, not the person,” Behar answered.

McCain fired, “I am John McCain’s daughter! I am not someone who sits here and is okay with racism in any way whatsoever!”

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