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Megyn Kelly Tries To Defend Obama, Immediately Gets Shut Down – TOTALLY HUMILIATED ON LIVE TV!

Charles Krauthammer took Megyn Kelly to task when she tried to defend Obama recently. I’m not saying he chased her over to NBC, but I think it’s clear to all she should be spouting liberal nonsense, not reporting facts at Fox.

When Megyn Kelly (good riddance) said that Obama “will stay in Washington D.C. and continue fighting the will of the American people”

Krauthammer cut her off in mid-sentence and let her have it,

“Look at what Obama did today. He essentially wrote a letter justifying his eight years in office,” started Krauthammer.

“When presidents leave office, they generally don’t make a plea on their own behalf. It’s beneath them. This really is a matter of — narcissism is probably overstating it — but he says his own reputation is at stake,” he continued.

“I don’t think [George W. Bush] cared as much. I think he thought history will decide how he did, and he didn’t have to meddle in that.”

Correct. History will be the judge, not you Obama.

“As a matter of sort of decency, you let your successor operate — see how he does — and don’t heckle him from the sidelines. I’m not sure Obama plays on the same playbook.”

Megyn Kelly’s jaw dropped to the floor of the studio and stayed open like a fish gasping for air until they cut to a commercial.

Megyn will have it easier at NBC, where no one will challenge her liberal beliefs with straight facts.

Source: Worldnewspolitics

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