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Melania And Ivanka Trump Are On The 50 Most Beautiful List

The Hill excellently represented the White House, as it included and honored the First Lady Melania Trump and Trump’s daughter Ivanka Trump as a part of the 50 Most Beautiful list for 2017.

The 14th annual edition of The List includes Capitol Hill’s most attractive men and women chosen from nominees and selected by The Hill’s editors.

In April this year, the nominations started and only one nomination per candidate was needed to be reviewed for the list.

The Hill stated, “There’s good news for those who possess not only beauty, but also a healthy ego: Yes, you’re allowed to nominate yourself.”

A few information was required for nominations: the name of the candidate, job information, contact and a good photography. Anyhow, pictures with sunglasses weren’t acceptable.

The nominations should of be supposedly confidential, and accepted for “anyone who regularly works in politics and is primarily based in Washington.”

An anonymous blogger shared a post that the annual “grown-up popularity contest” supposedly shape “the fate of Capitol Hill’s most ambitious social climbers.”

According to the blogger, there is a strategy to get on the list, such as professional photographs of a nominee and creating a phony email account to self-nominate.

Others who didn’t want to humiliate themselves with self-nomination had a different strategy to get on the list like lobbying for an affirmation throughout continuous talks with friends or nominating a friend and hoping to have the same in reverse.

According to the blogger, a part of candidate’s tactics was a preparation for the interview that follows the choice for the list.

The planners from the White House who made the 2017 list are White House Domestic Policy Council Zina Bash; Mallory Hunter, executive assistant to Chief of Staff Reince Priebus; and White House communications associate Leah Levell.

The list from previous years was ranked in order of beauty, unlike this year’s list which is ordered by alphabetical order on names of individuals in it.

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