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Melania Makes HEARTBREAKING Announcement About Barron – Do You Support Her?

Melanie Trump may be the most misunderstood woman in the world. She is a beautiful, smart, accomplished woman who prefers to raise her son out of the public eye.

She shuns the limelight because she is not impressed with all the phonies and hangers-on that come with it. The sycophants and yes men annoy her because they are not real, they are just trying to use her for their own aims.

She is all class.

She enjoyed her previous private life and while she is enjoying her new fishbowl life, there is one aspect that she hates.

The attacks from the left. Not because they bother her – she is a strong woman, but because they are affecting her beloved son Barron.

The attacks from the left and media figures. It is breaking her heart because she knows if Donald was a democrat she would be revered by the media as a strong and successful woman. Which she is.

But because Donald is a republican they attack her with spurious assaults on her character.

According to US Weekly, “A family source said pre-inauguration, Melania would shuttle her son in a chauffeured SUV to and from his private school. But after picketers took up residence outside her building, Melania has to let  the Secret Service take Barron to school and retrieve him.”

This may not seem like a big deal but remember something. Melania, unlike most uber wealthy mothers, raises her child herself. No nannies need apply. Melania likes to take Barron to school and pick him up and Barron like this because he is basically the only kid in the wealthy school whose mother does this.

She helps Barron with his homework, she makes sure he behaves like a gentleman who respects all people despite the advantages his wealth provides.

Donald did the same with his other kids – Ivana and Donald raised them not nannies. And their kids directly attribute this to their ability to stay away from drugs like many trust fund kids.

They directly attribute this hands-on upbringing to their success.

And Melania will do anything to protect Barron. Even take cheap shots from celebrities like Jimmy Kimmel who said, “she’s “trapped like Rapunzel in her Trump Tower penthouse.”

She is not trapped, she likes it and so does Barron. But the media will not give them a break so according to close family friend, “Melania says she’s most happy at Mar-a-Lago.”

Because there are no protesters, no media, she can go there and relax and be with Barron and Donald.

H/T Worldnewspolitics

So, don’t believe the media hysteria about Donald going to mar a Lago too much. He has a great reason, Melania feels more comfortable there and so does Barron.

And Trump will always choose family first.

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