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Melania Trump Gives MAJOR Announcement About Her Role As First Lady!

Melania Trump has officially named Lindsay Reynolds as her chief of staff early this week, apparently ending all rumors that she wouldn’t be carrying the duties as the First Lady by herself.

According to the Daily Mail, Reynolds will monitor operations in the White House East Wing, where the office of the First Lady are usually located.

“I am putting together a professional and highly-experienced team which will take time to do properly,” said the first lady in the statement. “I am excited to be organizing and bringing together such a dynamic and forward thinking group of individuals who will work together to make our country better for everyone.”

Reynolds has been working in political fundraising and event management for more than 14 years, and she worked in the White House of former GOP president George W. Bush.

“I look forward to the opportunity to serve as the first lady’s chief of staff,” she said for the Washington Post. ‘The first lady is thoughtfully selecting her team, establishing the office of the first lady and supporting her husband President Trump.”

She is Melania’s second hire since becoming First Lady, with her first being New York event planner Stephanie Winston Wolkoff as her senior adviser on Monday.

Wolkoff is a longtime friend of Melania Trump who earned built a reputation by staging the Met Gala. She also helped organize the pre-inaugural balls and dinners of President Trump. Her engagement by Melania indicates that Melania wants to assemble her inner circle of New York friends with her as she gets ready to move to Washington.

Natalie Jones, a former deputy chief of protocol appointed byformer President Barack Obama, is said to be the next White House Social Secretary. She has previously been a finance director at the Democratic National Committee and for Hillary Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign before moving to the Department of State.

While Melania admits her pace at forming her staff may be a bit slow, she also maintained that building an effective staff “will take time to do properly.”

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Source: Worldpoliticus

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