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Melania Trump Just Got Some HORRIBLE News… She Needs Your Support

As First Lady, Melania Trump will become the official head of the Girl Scouts in a role that is purely ceremonial and involves just a few photo shoots and speeches. However, Heatst reported that a petition was just made by a former Girl Scouts member calling for Melania to be banned from the Girl Scouts forever.

The petition is extremely offensive and sexist, as it focuses on Melania’s modeling career and the fact she has posed nude in the past:

Melania Trump’s actions and behaviors are the complete opposite of Girl Scout values: She supports objectifying women by posing in the nude for GQ and Max Magazines. She promotes sex and violence against women by posing in the nude wearing handcuffs and by posing next to the Trump jet while clad in a g-string and brandishing a hand gun. Melania Trump promotes lying by saying on several occasions that she earned a college degree, when in truth she dropped out of college in her freshman year.

She promotes plagiarism by giving national campaign speeches for her husband that were essentially verbatim past speeches of famous women, but claimed they were her own words.

The wording is incredibly offensive and sexist to say the least. This is absolutely abhorrent.

Source: Americannews

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