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Melania Trump Is Saving American Tax dollars

Melania Trump is saving American tax dollars, by having 19 fewer staffers than Michelle Obama.

Melania could have the luxury of having 24 staffers, like Michelle, but instead, she wants to save taxpayers money. Like Trump planned the White House now has a lot fewer stuffers. Michelle was such a queen that she hired many staffers that she didn’t really need.

According to some reports, Melania is saving around $5.1 million dollars a year, and the Trump White House is saving up to of $22 million dollars.

“President Trump’s ‘leaner White House payroll,’ as reported by Forbes, is saving taxpayers $22 million overall. This information is verified by the fact that the current salaries for White House employees were made public on Friday. Donald Trump, Ivanka Trump, and Jared Kushner are taking a total salary of zero dollars,” reported Inquisitr.

Knowing that Melania Trump has led a luxurious life after she married Trump, common sense would suggest that she’d be the one who would spend a lot of money on things that she didn’t really need, but that is not it.

Also, you must have it in mind that Melania Trump as a child was growing up in a communist country, where her parents were poor. They lived in apartment housing in Sevnica, Slovenia.

But you won’t be reading this in the liberal media reports. That Melania Trump is giving back million dollars to the taxpayers each year. And if she only stays the first lady for four years, she will save up to 20 million dollars and much more.

Nobody would have judged her if she decided to hire 24 staffers, but she knows that the American people need this money and she is willing to help. She loves the American people just like her husband and knows why the people elected them to be the first family.

Michelle once said, “When they go low we go high.” Well, she is all words and no actions. But unlike her our first lady Melania Trump proving that actions speak lauder than words.

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