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Melania Trump SHOCKS Entire Country With Announcement About Her First Order As First Lady

Melania Trump shocked Americans everywhere with her first major decision as First Lady.

According to The Chicago Tribune, Melania flew back to New York just two days after the end of inaugural balls with her 10-year-old son Barron, who attends private school in the city. The First Lady has earned both praise and criticism for deciding to put family first and allow her son to finish his schooling.

Rumors are circulating that Melania has been quietly building her staff, though she has given no comment to the public about her future plans.

“There’s a public expectation for communication, and she’s not providing it,” Lauren Wright, a political scientists and other of the book On Behalf of the President notes. “It’s interesting  that there doesn’t seem to be a willingness to shape her public image, despite the public interest.”

Officials have warned that Melania’s choice to remain in the city will likely lower her approval ratings.

“She could be giving the administration a little bit of a softer touch, because we do make certain decisions about a president based on his family,” Myra Gutin, a communication professor, notes.

Still, fans of Melania are certain her silence signals she is investing her time figuring out the best way to contribute to the country in her new role.

H/T: Americannews

“Each first lady takes on the role and makes it their own,” former White House social secretary Ann Stock commented. “That evolves over time. First for every president and first lady is settling in their family.”

What do you think? Does Melania have something incredible up her sleeve?

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