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Mexican Authorities Make Massive Drug Busts Worth Billions

Mexican law enforcement officials made four major drug busts in recent days which yielded over 120,000 lbs. of narcotics that have an estimated street value of approximately $5 billion.

The Mexican Navy conducted the first drug bust on August 16 in Sinaloa, Mexico, which is home to the Sinaloa drug cartel — the largest and most powerful drug trafficking organization in the world.

Authorities discovered the underground drug lab in a mountainous area where they seized a staggering 50 tons of methamphetamine, which has an estimated street value of approximately $4 billion.

The Mexican Army conducted the second and third drug busts on August 17 and 18 in Baja California, seizing approximately 2,700 pounds of “methamphetamine, heroin, and fentanyl in a remote area known as the San Fernando Canyon,” according to a report from Breitbart Texas.

The fourth drug bust, announced on Wednesday, happened in the Sinaloa city of Culiacan where the Mexican Navy seized 10 tons of “synthetic drugs,” which a source told The Daily Wire was methamphetamine. The bust has an estimated street value of approximately $800 million.

The two largest seizures are believed to have hit the Sinaloa cartel, while the smaller seizure in Baja California happened on turf that is primarily controlled by the Jalisco New Generation Cartel and the Tijuana Cartel.

Breitbart Texas’ Robert Arce, a former law enforcement official who specialized in drug crime, reported that “the Sinaloa Cartel has stepped up the production of methamphetamine and opioid-based products to offset any cash flow losses attributed to the legalization of marijuana in the United States.”

The Drug Enforcement Administration’s most recent threat assessment ranks the Mexican drug cartels as “the greatest criminal drug threat to the United States; no other group is currently positioned to challenge them.”

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