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Michelle Malkin Goes Smart On ‘The View’ Ignorant Hosts

Michell Malkin is an author, blogger, and columnist. She appeared on Fox News a few times, and also visited other conservative media outlets. Malkin is considered as the most intelligent proponent in all conservative media, right behind Ann Coulter.

Gave you ever watched The View? If yes, you have probably noticed all the liberal dummies hosting it. Joy Behar. Really? The worst thing is the way she covers up her ignorance with smart words and stuff.

Malkin went on The View, and talked with Behar about her book and the corruption that flowers in Obama’s campaign.

Behar regretted most of the things she said. That’s what you get when you mess up with the best, Behar. Why is Malkin even wasting her time with shows like The View? Shows like this is something dumb liberals can watch for days, non-stop. You don’t talk with Malkin about lame “facts,” liberals. You don’t.

What do you think about Michelle’s response? Why does The View still exist?

Source: Worldpoliticus

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