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Michelle Obama Caught Perpetrating HUGE FELONY

By now it is no surprise that Michelle Obama has spent millions of the tax dollars of the U.S. citizens for her own, and her children’s pleasures during Barack’s tenure, but this is too much, even for her.

Michelle has found herself in a tight spot this week after confidential files were revealed showing she has been unlawfully channeling money to her mother and daughters.

There was a report by Mad World News that at Michelle’s numerous costly, and sumptuous vacations, she had put in for compensations to be paid to staffers who have accompanied her. The files showed that these staffers were actually her daughters, Sasha and Malia, and their grandmother Marian Robinson. This proves that besides getting a free vacation, the women were paid for it with our tax dollars.

“According to an Air Force flight passenger manifest for the multi-million dollar trip, which included multiple days of sightseeing and a family safari, Michelle listed her daughters as ‘Senior Staff,’” White House operatives said for True Pundit.

Below is the confidential list from Michelle’s vacation to Africa:

If the First Lady believes she will get away with this, she is very much mistaken.
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Source: Worldpoliticus

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