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Michelle Obama Emerges – Makes TERRIFYING Announcement

On Monday night, Barack Hussein Obama jetted off on yet another surprise vacation to Hawaii. However, he left his wife Michelle Obama at home in Washington D.C.

The Washington Post reported that Michelle was spotted having dinner Monday night at the Washington D.C. Greek restaurant Kapnos, one of her favorites. There, she was seen eating with two male friends, and her table shared a plate of salt-baked fish.

When Michelle entered the restaurant, she was greeted with a warm hug by chef George Pagonis.

Meanwhile, The Hill reported that former President Obama boarded his jet to make the surprise trip to Hawaii after meeting with tech industry executives in San Jose, California. On Monday night, he was spotted at one of his favorite restaurants in Hawaii. This is his second trip to Hawaii since he spent his last Christmas as president there with his family.

This came a day after Obama flew to Omaha, Nebraska for a private meeting with billionaire Warren Buffett and his daughter Susie, who declined to reveal what the three discussed, only saying that the meeting was not a fundraiser.

H/T Conservativebrief

Obama’s plans in Hawaii are not known at this time, and it’s not clear if he’ll be making any public appearances.

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