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Michelle Obama INSULTS Melania Trump! What She Did Is EMBARRASSING!

“I want to see Melania in action”- Michelle Obama stated like she actually did something for these 8 years. Absurdity!

First of all, let’s make one thing straight. Michelle is so furious at Melania Trump’s outlook, even she can’t hide that. Instead, when far more elegant Melania arrived, Michelle’s dignity was ruined and she tried her best to avoid meetings, especially photo shootings.

Michelle was so envious that she managed to cancel the traditional photo-op!

She clearly had nothing wrong in posing next to G.Bush and Laura Bush back in 2008.

Michelle’s personal feelings about Melania have made this part of transition as weird as possible. In addition to Barack’s statements and actions, we are clearly facing one of the most awkward transitions in US history.

If Michelle Obama hates today’s first lady, then I know for fact that she is the right one!

Source: Nationalinsiderpolitics

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