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Mike Huckabee Delivers BRUTAL KNOCKOUT Blow To Cowardly Obama, CALLS HIM AN “EVIL…”

Mike Huckabee went on Fox and Friends and ripped “cowardly” Barack Obama for his anti-Israel UN resolution.

Said Huckabee, “This is about right and wrong. This is about evil and good. This is such a clear-cut issue. And I am just beyond, in a seething rage, over what this administration has done in its last days.”

He went on just demolishing Obama,

“I mean, have some just common decency. If you’re gonna do this, do it upfront, but to do it in such a cowardly way just as you’re leaving office basically to say to the world here’s one more for you, good luck with it.”

Agreed Mike.

It was a disgusting, cowardly, evil move.

“The U.S. had an abstained vote. That is silence, and that is agreeing with the idiotic, dangerous and disturbing position that the UN took based on a resolution from four nations.”

“First of all the policy we’ve had is boneheaded. It’s a ridiculous policy that we don’t apply to any other nation on earth to tell them that if someone attacks you, and you attack back, and defend your country and you end up getting more land – but you are supposed to give that up and let your enemies get even closer to you, you know that’s absurd.”

Correct, Obama’s failed policies were absurd. But they are a thing of the past now, confined to the dustbin of history to be forgotten along with the man who gave them to the world.

Source: Worldnewspolitics

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