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Millions of Voters Officially Attempting to Prevent TRUMP’s PRESIDENCY – DO YOU STILL SUPPORT HIM?

The new definition of a sore loser is:

  1. Hillary Clinton
  2. Jill Stein
  3. Millions of Liberal Millennial’s
  4. All of The Above

4.7 Million’s of misguided Americans have signed a new petition to demand the electoral college hand the Presidency to Hillary.

Now, while Hillary is not officially part of this, just like with Stein’s recount we suspect her fingerprints are all over it.

Among the petition’s lowlights:

“ Trump is unfit to serve”

“The Electoral College voters should ignore the votes cast by millions of American in their respective states and support the national popular vote winner.”

“There is no reason Trump should be president”


Except that he won. Most states have laws that mandate the electoral college votes as did their state. The ones that do not are all red states. So this, like the recount, is doomed to fail.

 The real tragedy is the majority of the liberals protesting in the streets, signing petitions, and sending money to scammer Jill Stein, are entitled millennials.

The same entitled protesters who did not even bother to vote for Hillary.

The numbers are all in now and Hillary got a fatally low % of a millennial vote. She was counting on this group (and minorities) to carry her to victory.

But Hispanics came out in record number for Trump and millennial are mostly stayed home.

Like typical liberals who grew up in the high on rhetoric low on action Obama years, these kids think talking is doing.

With that attitude, I’m glad they don’t vote.

If you can stomach it, you can watch the video here:

Source: Consnation

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