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THIS IS MIND BLOWING! You Won’t Believe How Much Hours Trump Worked In the 1st Month…

Some of the tactics and arguments made by liberal mainstream media and liberal politicians to bring Trump down are laughable, however Hillary Clinton’s latest attempt is absolutely ludicrous. She states that Trump is playing too much golf.

According to The Telegraph:

Hillary Clinton has taken a swing at Donald Trump, by re-tweeting a data project that claims he spent 25 hours playing golf during his first month in office.

The former Democratic presidential nominee shared a graph with her millions of Twitter followers that claimed to show that Mr Trump had spent more than four times longer playing golf than receiving intelligence briefings.

The Washington Post itself admitted that the metrics used were “imprecise.”

Many Americans were heavily critical of Obama’s time on the golf course including Trump. That criticism went far beyond the time spent, but also centered on the timing of his enjoyable activities.

An American journalist was beheaded by Isis and within minutes of the announcement President Obama was out on the green. It’s those sort of acts of absurdity that happened frequently, and therefore received a lot of criticism.

Trump has NOT acted in such an inappropriate manner so far, and it appears to any well educated American that some of the outing were work-related, such as the State visit with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

Before the liberal politicians and media come after Trump, perhaps they should consider Obama’s many frequent lapses in administration of his official duties that were made to play…golf.

H/T Conservativeworlddaily

Comment below regarding your thoughts about Trump playing…golf.

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