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IT’S A MIRACLE! Trump Just Did Something NO President Has Done Since 1906

Since he won the election, it has only been good news for the United States. From the immediate stock market rebound, to the announcement that Carrier is keeping jobs in America. Now he has pulled off the UNTHINKABLE!!

The Gateway Pundit just reported Trump’s MIRACLE that shatters the record books. Out of the 21 days since the election, the Stock Market has reached ALL-TIME closing highs in 13 of those days! HE HAS BROKEN THE ALL TIME STOCK MARKET RECORD 13 TIMES ALREADY IN ONLY 21 DAYS!!

Now compare that to history…

The Gateway Pundit analyzed historical data and found that the last time Stock Market closing highs reached this level was December, 1905!

For comparison, here is the first 4 months after Obama was elected in 2008… YIKES!


You can be sure that the mainstream media won’t be covering this!

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Source: Subjectpolitics

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