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Monica Lewinsky Comes Back To Haunt Bill Clinton – Drops BOMBSHELL About His Darkest Secret…

Screenwriter Ryan Murphy, who has produced the award-winning FX series American Crime Story, is set to bring the Monica Lewinsky-Bill Clinton White House sex saga to TV.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the Ryan Murphy Productions chief has optioned author and CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Tobin’s 2000 book A Vast Conspiracy: The Real Sex Scandal That Nearly Brought Down a President.

The New York Times bestseller, acquired by Fox 21 Television Studios and FX Productions, will become the basis for a future American Crime Story season.

In February, Murphy told E! News that the series would explore the Lewinsky sex scandal as “right-wing” plot to “tear down” President Bill Clinton, and on “the other women” who were ensnared in the 1996 sex scandal, involving then-White House intern Monica Lewinsky, and the events that led to Clinton’s impeachment.

“It’s not really about Hillary Clinton. That book is about the rise of a certain segment of a right-ring group of people who despised the Clintons and used three women, Paula Jones, Monica Lewinsky and Linda Tripp to try and tear him down,” Murphy said.

In February, Murphy announced that actress Sarah Paulson — who starred in the first season of his crime drama, The People vs. O.J. Simpson — has been confirmed for a role, but ruled out that it would be of then-First Lady Hillary Clinton.

The 51-year-old mogul has reportedly confirmed that his studio is looking actresses to portray Lewinsky and Tripp.

Season two of the Golden Globe and Primetime Emmy Award-winning show will tackle Hurricane Katrina, and is set to premier in 2018. Season three, he confirmed will focus on the 1997 assassination of Italian fashion designer Gianni Versace, singer Ricky Martin has already joined the cast.

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