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This Morning Donald Trump Sent a Message to America that Will Save Our Country!!

To hell with all the liars and cheats out there trying to claim that Donald Trump doesn’t care about this country. In fact, he cares so much about this country that this morning he announced he will be giving up the thing that he spent his ENTIRE life building…HIS BUSINESS!! (Now he can focus 100% on saving our country!!)

Trump turned all the Mainstream Media liars on their heads when he took to Twitter to let the world know that America is far more important to him than any real estate business could ever be.





Amen, Donald Trump. I am glad to see you proving the lying media wrong by taking charge and stepping back, just like you promised.

At this rate, the media is gonna have nothing left to attack Trump on by the time his innaguration comes around.

Let’s take a look at what other talking points Trump has managed to shut down in just 3 weeks after winning the election:

1. Trump is a racist – WRONG! The media loves claiming this but have zero evidence that Donald Trump hates anyone. In fact, if you look into his past you can see he is the LEAST racist person who has ever won the Presidency.

2. Trump will sell out to the establishment – Ummmm….NO! The fact of the matter is, Donald Trump’s cabinet is made up of all kinds of movers-and-shakers looking to remove the overpowered establishment from control.

3. Trump won’t bring back blue collar jobs – Hahaha. This one is laughable. In just 3 weeks, Donald Trump has managed to keep Ford and Carrier from leaving the country for Mexico and even Apple is looking at relocating their factories to the US!

So basically Trump is the man we were all hoping he would be and is working to make America great again. If you are proud of our new evidence, show him some love and help share this great news out everywhere!!

Source: Libertywritersnews

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