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Muslim Gang Does the UNTHINKABLE to 11-Year-Old Girl… MEDIA BLACKOUT

A British woman who sustained horrific sexual abuse by a Muslim gang in Rotherham, England, was in court as five of the men were sentenced for their crimes. The sentencing took place in Sheffield Crown Court.

The abuse began when she was just 11 years old, and resulted in pregnancy when she was 12. The gang used drugs and alcohol to manipulate her. She was but one of approximately 1400 young Rotherham girls who were groomed and sexually abused between 1997 and 2013.

“There’s evil and truly evil people in the world,” read the victim, now in her 20s. “I feel my child was the product of pure evil.”

With the woman sitting close by, the presiding judge stated: “As a result of what happened to her, her childhood and adolescence was taken from her.

“She remarkably transformed her life from thereon, putting her own child first.

“Hers is a tale of the most astonishing dedication and bravery.”

Two of the convicted abusers shouted out the obligatory “Allahu Akbar!” while being led out of the courtroom.

Responding to shouts of support for the defendants coming from the public gallery, one of the gang’s victims shouted back “justice is served!”

The convicted men and their prison sentences included Basharat Dad – 20 years, Nasar Dad – 14 years and six months, Tayab Dad – 10 years, Matloob Hussain – 13 years, Mohammed Sadiq – 13 years, and Amjad Ali – 11 years.

The victim gave her impact statement to the court:

“I was drawn into a world of fear, rape and horrific abuse. I lost my childhood at the hands of those men.”

Her own community shunned her, calling her, among other things, a “dirty, cheap slag”.

Bravely, she continued:

“No-one understood. No-one wanted to understand.

“I felt lost, isolated, trapped, ashamed and completely worthless.

“I was completely owned by these dirty old men who would do with me whatever then wanted, whenever they wanted.”

This was the third of three major trials that followed the issuance of the Jay Report on child sexual exploitation (CSE) in Rotherham.

The 2014 report, researched by Professor Alexis Jay, detailed how approximately 1,400 young females were sexually groomed, trafficked, and raped over a 16-year period by gangs mostly-Muslim men.

The three trials have seen 18 people sent to jail for their appalling crimes.

The horrible scandal of sexual abuse of young British girls in Rotherham is not yet closed, as the National Crime Agency has taken over remaining cases from the historic CSE investigations.

Following the sentencing, Mark Langan of the Crown Prosecution Service gave the following statements:

“These men were found guilty of a catalogue of vile sex offences against two young girls.

“The girls were targeted by these men because they were naive and vulnerable. They were given alcohol and cannabis and intimidated into performing sexual acts.

“On one occasion one of the young girls was locked alone in a flat for hours without food, water or electricity.

“These young girls were subjected to the most appalling abuse at the hands of these men.”

One of the sickening aspects of this infamous saga is that local municipal and law enforcement authorities as well as social service workers, knew for years about the ongoing sexual abuse of local British girls, but didn’t say or do anything about it for fear of appearing racist. This resulted in numerous resignations of disgraced officials.

Great Britain’s Home Secretary at the time Theresa May, laid the blame on “institutionalized political correctness.”

Fortunately, Great Britain’s current Prime Minister is the same Theresa May.

Fortunately, America’s current President is Donald Trump.

Under their watch, it is inconceivable that political correctness will lead to such atrocities again.

H/T: Conservativeworlddaily

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