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Muslim Imam Spreads Nasty Lies About Jesus Christ At Sick Dem Event [VIDEO]

Recently, a DNC meeting was held, and a Muslim Imam named Abdullah Jaber took the podium as a speaker. At one point, Jaber felt the need to give his view on the Christian Bible.

The DNC allowed a Muslim to give the opening prayer, which seemed strange, but it all made sense when he started speaking about Jesus Christ. Jaber used the prayer as a way to further the Democrat’s agenda. Jaber stated that Jesus was, technically, a Palestinian refugee. In other words, we need to take in every single refugee that wants to come here, right!?

It is mind blowing that he would even dream of making such a connection. Does he understand how different refugees are from the story of Jesus Christ? He did all of this in the middle of his disgusting speech, that was full of lies and historical inaccuracies.

We do not recall Jesus going to another country and completely disregarding their laws because he felt like he was entitled to be there. Christ also did not speak out against the country he resided in as if they were the enemy.

He did not go there to try to change their way of life and threaten to kill them if they didn’t adapt. Does Jaber not understand the difference between current day Muslims and Jesus’s journey?

Jaber also covered the topic of prayers. We all pray, and when we do, we continue to be good people–regardless of whether our prayers are directly answered or not. That is what Christians DO. When he started talking about prayer, it took a perverted twist.

The speaker said our prayers would only be answered once we remove “oppression.” In his words, that means, “that is if you start saying ‘yes, black lives matter.’ That is if you say, ‘yes, all Muslim lives matter.’” Of course, their lives matter, but what makes these lives better than everyone else who lives on this planet?

Liberals have no regard for people who do not think like them. Interestingly enough, if you are white and you are a liberal, your life STILL doesn’t matter. The Black Lives Matter movement, for instance, doesn’t even want white people AROUND. They believe that if you are white, you better start apologizing for how your race has oppressed blacks for years. You will have to admit your “white privilege,” which does not exist.

Jaber is trying to make Christian liberals believe that God will only “love” them if they STAY a liberal and admit that black and Muslim lives matter. It is insanity. How can he get away with this?

Despite how FOOLISH Democrats are, this is blatantly misleading and only to get approval. Instead of showing any sign of outrage, everyone LOVED his speech. The Democrats have a mental illness. It isn’t funny. It isn’t rude, and it isn’t the truth. SOMETHING isn’t right, and they are not fit to lead this country in any way, shape, or form.

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