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Muslim Immigrants Saying That It Is Okay To Kill Anyone Who Insults Mohammed

Ami Horowitz, it’s a filmmaker known for his courageous ways of presenting the truth. He does that by interviewing people on the streets and asking them real hard questions to get to the truth.

In 2014, Minnesota took 2,232 refugees that most of them were from Somalia. Horowitz decided to go there and talk to different Somali refugees. He asked numerous of questions to many different ages of people, he asked them about their experience in living in America, and if they prefer living here or Somalia. Ami asked them if they rather live under Sharia Law or American laws as well.

Horowitz also talked about the freedom of speech in America, and the answers will surprise you. Almost everyone thought that the freedom of speech is wonderful unless when it comes to someone speaking ill of the prophet Mohammed. They also said that violence is not acceptable unless is against someone who insulted Mohammed then it is justified.

The number of Somali immigrants in Minnesota is rising every year, and many Somalis are coming in Minnesota from other states as well.

“You tend to go some­where you can con­nect,” said Mo­ha­mud Noor, the head of the Con­fed­er­a­tion of So­ma­li Community in Minnesota. “Be­fore peo­ple even ar­rive from Af­ri­ca, they know they are com­ing to Minnesota.”

Mary’s Place, a Minneapolis home­less shel­ter, is full of fami­lies like Ali and Mo­ha­med’s. Somali contribution in the state’s public food assistance program increased in the past five years. In the Minneapolis School District, 70% of Somali students came since 2011, they had to open eight classrooms with teaching in Somali and English.

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