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Muslim Miss Universe Contestant Refuses to Wear Bikini, is Hailed as a Hero for Breaking the Rules

A Muslim beauty contestant is being hailed a hero by the left for refusing to wear a bikini in the Miss Universe Great Britain beauty contest.

Muna Jama, from London, wore a kaftan during the swimsuit portion of the Miss Universe Great Britain pageant.

It was the first time in the competition’s history that a contestant did not wear a swimsuit for the SWIMSUIT PORTION of the contest.

The winner of the Miss Universe Great Britain pageant will represent the U.K. in the Miss Universe Pageant, which takes place in January 2018. U.S. President Donald Trump owned the Miss Universe pageant before he took office.

Anna Burdzy was ultimately crowned the winner of the Miss Universe Great Britain pageant in late-July, but it was Muna Jama who stole all the headlines for breaking the rules.

Jama, who’s Muslim, decided not to wear a bikini, saying it goes against her religion’s rules about female modesty.

Meanwhile, no one forced her to compete in the pageant, which rates women based on their appearance.

“I wouldn’t wear a bikini to a beach, so I’m not going to wear one in a competition to score points,” she told Metro UK.

If Muna is such a devout Muslim, it’s unclear why she even competed in a BEAUTY CONTEST. After all, feminists who oppose beauty pageants on principle do not participate in the events.

If you don’t want people to judge you by your looks, don’t enter a beauty pageant where one of the compulsory components is a swimsuit competition.

Meanwhile, it’s unclear what Muna Jama’s thoughts are on Islam’s systematic oppression of women. Check out this video of an imam instructing Muslim men how to beat their wives.

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