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Muslim Restaurant Owner SHUT DOWN When Cops Discover What He Fed “Infidels”

High hygiene standards at restaurants are put in place for a reason, and they apply to everyone, including Muslim chefs.

Mahbub Chowdhury, 46, is a takeaway chef from the Yeahya Flavour of Asia whose entire kitchen was covered in fecal matter! Why? Because he wiped his anus with his bare hands before preparing food, and also used milk bottles to hold tap water from the kitchen to clean his backside.

He refuses to use toilet paper, which is absolutely disgusting, because of “cultural reasons”. Chowdhury, after using the bathroom like this, went on to make meals with meat and fish in them in a rented-out kitchen of the Nine Elms pub.

Chowdhury, of course, no longer works there and has pleaded guilty to a total of 10 counts of refusing to comply with hygiene standards, according to the Swindon Magistrates Court. He was fined £5,000 last year for related incidents with food hygiene.

According to the prosecutor, Rosie Heath, officers with environmental health inspected the location in May of last year and claimed it had “very poor standards of hygiene.” This is sickening — this man should be barred from working in the food industry ever again!

Heath claimed that in the kitchen, in the double sinks, they found plastic milk containers that were dirty and covered in brown fingerprints. Can you take a guess as to what those brown fingerprints were? He used these to clean himself and then took them back in the kitchen and put them in the sink.

Inspectors tested the materials and found much of the kitchen, the bottles especially, to be covered in fecal matter. The defending attorney, Mark Glendenning, tried to justify it, claiming the bottles weren’t examined and that the marks were “spices”. Yeah, already digested spices.

According to many Muslims and Hindus, the left hand is used to clean yourself and the right hand is used to eat, but this practice is both outdated and unhygienic, and it’s no wonder that diseases so rapidly spread through these countries.

If you practice this heinous belief, then you have no place working in the food industry. Period. This restaurant was likely initially inspected due to all of the complaints of stomach problems customers got when they ate his food.

Did he even bother to wash his hands that were covered in fecal matter when he was handling the meat for his curry? For these offenses, Chowdhury will be sentenced at the Swindon Crown Court, and hopefully it will be a hefty sentence.

H/T Angrypatriotmovement

How many other Muslim or Hindu restaurants use this practice? This is something that needs to be closely looked into and kept a sharp eye on, because no patron should be put in a position where they are eating another person’s fecal matter. It’s absolutely appalling. From now on, be extra careful while eating out!

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