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Muslim Thug Tries to Hijack Plane – Then Gets NASTY Surprise From Patriotic Cop

Ever since Donald Trump signed his temporary travel ban, the mainstream media has been trying to make Muslims look like “peaceful” people who pose no threat to the Western world. That’s why the liberal press is not reporting on this video…

Mad World News reported that on Tuesday, a Muslim man stood up on a flight from India to Britain and started screaming “Muslims will take over Britain!” Unfortunately for him, he had no idea he was sitting near Chris Phillips, the ex-head of Britain’s Counter Terrorism Security Office.

The retired officer, who was on the force for 30 years, immediately leapt to action and tackled the wild Muslim. He was able to handcuff him and detain him until the pilots were able to land in Bahrain and detain the thug.

“It was chaos. The Muslim passenger was trying to walk to the First Class section of the plane,” Phillips, 55, recounted. “He was shouting obscenities and it was a frightening scene. He was fighting with a male member of cabin crew. They were rolling on the floor then slamming against the aircraft door. It was terrifying to watch them roll into the aircraft exit at 30,000ft. Women and children were screaming. It was very upsetting.”

“It was a bit scary. He was bragging how the UK would be a Muslim country soon,” he continued. “He said the British don’t breed enough. He boasted how Muslims have 15 children each. It was a long six hours. I eventually got him calm and he nodded off. Then two hours in he was awake and ranting again.”

“Chris was nothing short of a hero,” a witness said. “We thought the plane might come down. It was absolutely terrifying. Chris was our very own James Bond on Flight 007.”


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