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Muslim Woman Demands To Wear Full Face Veil At School — Principal Has 5 Words For Her

Who moves to a western country and then demands that the schools modify the dress code to suit their religion. Why do liberals support this nonsense? Aren’t they the ones who demand secularism in the schools? So why are they abandoning these beliefs?

As you’ve probably gathered, we are talking about Islam, and in this case a parent who wants to wear the full face veil when she comes to her daughter’s  school. The argument was that there were no specific rules prohibiting this. Of course, there are all sorts of unwritten rules that reasonable persons simply understand to be in existence even if they are not written down such as students cannot come to school naked (so far).  So that parent’s objections mean little.

Nevertheless, the principal concluded to create a rule banning the wearing of the hijab. He said to the parent, “Given the concerns you have raised, we are now considering a written amendment to our health and safety policy to include this specific requirement and will follow the normal protocol of seeking the approval of the governing body.” Way to go.

“When a woman enrolled her daughter at a prestigious elementary school, she arrived in a veil and demanded to enter the premises without showing everyone her identity. However, after warning the school that they can’t prohibit her face covering because it’s not against their rules, the principal had a simple yet brilliant response.”

It has gotten more than tiresome to put up with people from other cultures arriving in our country and other western nations, and demanding that we change our laws and customs to suit them. It’s arrogant, insensitive to the people of the host country, intolerant of the existing culture, and just plain ignorant. When they attempt this they need to be slapped down firmly and immediately.

“The Guardian reports that Serroukh [the Muslim mother in this story] is furious with the school and plans to sue them for discrimination, despite their efforts to enforce a rule that applies to everyone equally.”

Here again we have a foreign culture demanding not that we simply tolerate their ways, but that we adapt our culture to suit theirs under threat of litigation.

In a school environment certain standards of conduct and dress are required. Specific meals are prepared. If a parent wants explicit Christian teachings offered in a Christian environment, they need to pay the tuition and send their children to a Christian school.

Muslims should be treated just the same.

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