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Muslims Say ‘Allah Demands’ Pork-Free School Lunches – Mayor Has PERFECT Reply

This is getting ridiculous, folks. Liberals claim Sharia Law does not exist in America, but the demands being uttered by radical Muslims are getting both louder and bolder.

Muslim parents demanded the school their children attend ban pork from the cafeteria menu! The angry group also wanted only halal meals to be served to ALL students.

“Some do not eat pork, fish, beef, or even omelette. It is not a political decision against a community. I do not fall into this trap,” Mayor Marcel Berthomé replied. “The town is in debt, and we cannot afford to cook two different dishes a day. So, if you’re not happy, don’t eat at school!”

The Muslim phrase “halal” translates to mean permissible or lawful. The Halal food authority rules are based on Islamic Sharia (or Shari’ah) Law.

The years of open border policies and the welcoming of Muslim refugees in France caused this ridiculous demand to materialize. The centrist mayor of Santi-Seurin boldly countered the demands of the Muslim parents with a blunt ultimatum of his own, Mad World News reports.

The French mayor is not caving in to demands of the few which impact the many. The group of Muslim parents were incensed that the school said it could no longer afford to offer an entree alternative on “pork days” at the French public school.

The mayor said the decision to scrap pork-free meal options was purely an economic one, but the Muslim parents claim their children were being discriminated against.

Their children will just have to pack a lunch from home a few times a month. Tens of millions of parents in America alone pack cold lunches for their children any time they don’t happen to like what is on the school cafeteria menu.

The pork days at the French school shouldn’t be such a big deal, but thanks to the political correctness mindset and the sense of entitlement which has taken over society, schools could soon be getting sued, and losing, over their menu choices.

Many Muslims in Santi-Seurin claim the mayor had launched an attack on their community and their faith. Surely there are Jewish children at the school also, and they are not suing over menu items which do not adhere to the dictates of their faith.

The Muslim parents wanted the entire school to be impacted for the needs of only about 16 children. Offering a special menu choice to only a select few students discriminates against the rest of the children, who might not be fans of pork either and would rather have the beef patties Muslim parents wanted cooked for their children.

Personally, I am glad the mayor stood up to them because I am sick and tired of liberals bending to their every beck and call. Muslims need to learn that they have to assimilate to these communities and that it does not work the other way around.

H/T Angrypatriotmovement

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