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MUST-WATCH: Father Of Active U.S. Combat Pilot Moves Crowd To Standing Ovation With Heartfelt Offering To Shapiro

Last week, Daily Wire Editor-in-Chief Ben Shapiro put on a live podcast in front of a packed crowd at the Comerica Theatre in Phoenix, Arizona. In typical Shapiro style, the forum was opened to questions from the audience — but it was an offering from a father of an active duty U.S. military member that stole the show.

“I don’t have any question,” the proud father began speaking into the mic. “I wanted to tell you that I have five kids, and one of them is named Marco. My son Marco is an Apache attack helicopter pilot.”

“Thank you, sir. I appreciate it,” Shapiro responded.

“Marco, right now, is in the Middle East somewhere. He did duty in Iraq and he did two tours of duty in Afghanistan. He accumulated 2,600 combat hours in the air. All of his missions, he carried this flag with him, with the Bible,” said the man.

Marco is one of Shapiro’s “most fervent admirers,” he explained. Then he added, “He has asked me to come here and give you this flag.”

Visibly overwhelmed, Shapiro replied, “That’s amazing. Thank you,” and made his way down from the stage to the audience to accept the American flag.

The crowd was moved to their feet, giving a standing ovation as the two exchanged a hug and heartfelt words.

“Thank you so much, and thank [Marco]. I really appreciate it,” Shapiro told the father. “This means everything to me, and tell him I said so. Thank you so much, sir.”

Jumping back on to the stage, Shapiro asserted, “Well, nobody’s going to top that. We can all go home now.”


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