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Navy SEAL Tears Apart Gov. Cuomo After He Bashed America as Never Being That Great

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo caused a firestorm of backlash last week after he stated America could never be great again because America “was never that great.”

In addition to double amputee Marine Corps veteran Joey Jones calling Cuomo’s stance cowardly for his words of “self pity,” Navy SEAL veteran and CEO of Bottle Breacher Eli Crane told IJR he “was very disappointed” to hear Cuomo’s view of America.

“Honestly, I believe his very comments prove once again just how great this country really is,” Crane said.

“You can freely say just about anything as false, ignorant and stupid as Governor Cuomo’s comments with the only consequences being a PR nightmare or public criticism,” he elaborated. “You won’t be thrown in the slammer or receive 50 lashes like you might under several tyrannical regimes around the world.”

From the viewpoint as a combat veteran, Crane said he finds Cuomo’s comments “and this overall anti-Americanism sentiment that seems to be permeating from the liberal left very sad and delusional” since he’s been to places that would be described as not great.

Crane points to how people flock to America to escape harsh conditions in their country:

All you really need to do is look at other people’s actions as they attempt to stream into this country by the millions every single year to get a taste of the American Dream. They want a chance to enjoy our freedoms and our liberties. They want the opportunity to experience our prosperity and a capitalist system that is blind to skin color, age and country of origin.

“Whenever I hear comments like these, I often think to myself, ‘If we aren’t great, then who the hell is?’” he said. “Show me another country that has created more wealth in such a short period of time. Or a country that developed more innovation like the light bulb, GPS, the airplane, the internet and the Bottle Breacher to name a few.”

Crane said that even through dark times in America’s history, there have always been those who were willing to make things right, even at the cost of their lives:

Show me a country that has welcomed more immigrants and enabled more of them to transcend poverty than the USA. One out of every three millionaires in the USA is a first-generation American or foreign-born. What country has done more for the equality of minorities than the USA? You often here about slavery being the biggest black eye in our country, [but] what you don’t hear is how many Americans died to overturn slavery and set all men free. A reported 360,000 Union soldiers died in the Civil War who fought to abolish slavery.

To show some perspective, the U.S. lost around 60,000 men in Vietnam. What country has provided more aid to war-torn and impoverished countries than the United States?

“I’m not surprised to see this disgraceful rhetoric coming from a liberal politician in today’s political landscape,” he continued. “It is very important that we ask ourselves why? Why are we seeing these kinds of talking points from the left?

“It isn’t just Cuomo, it’s [Sen. Bernie] Sanders, [New York congressional candidate Alexandria Ocasio-] Cortez, and many others,” Crane added. “At first, this really bothered me. I couldn’t fathom how people who lived here and walked the streets on a daily basis failed to appreciate the opportunity, freedom, and greatness found in this country.”

Crane said he’s surprised and sad to see the party that ran on “hope and change” is “now drifting hard left towards socialism”:

Liberals have a very tough and uphill perception battle that they have been waging for decades. If they can successfully convince “we the people” that we really are not that exceptional and we were never great to begin with, then it opens some serious doors towards dissolving our framework and our foundations that many of us consider to being fundamental and key to our prosperity and individual freedoms.

Think about it, if politicians on the left like Cuomo, Sanders and Cortez admitted our greatness, then why would their constituents be open to messing with that recipe that created all this wealth, freedom and the magnetic pull for foreigners everywhere. Why would they give a unanimously failed system like Socialism a serious look?

As I ponder these thoughts and wonder if we will lose this country to the delusional and the ungrateful, I am reminded of my time as a Navy SEAL. I learned firsthand that the most effective motive and emotion in war is love. It isn’t hatred, anger, revenge or justice. That is why I am convinced that we will Make America Great Again for my children, my grandchildren and for future generations.

“Real American patriots like myself, who love and cherish this country will constantly utilize our love and appreciation for this country as fuel to defeat the Andrew Cuomo’s on the left that operate on a tank filled with contempt and resentment for America,” Crane added.

“Governor Cuomo is about to learn a very valuable lesson that you never oppose proud Americans.”

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