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Navy SEALs Risk Careers, Send POWEFUL Message To President Trump

A new viral photo is blowing up the internet, with good reason. A U.S. SEALs team decided to show their support new Commander in Chief, and did it in dramatic fashion.

They posed for a photo showing their allegiance to President Trump. Now this doesn’t seem like much and it isn’t, but technically they are not supposed to enter into the politically charged atmosphere.

They are to remain above the fray. And they do, but this is harmless soldiers having fun. They deserve to blow off steam. Considering what Obama put them through they deserve to blow off a lot more steam.

It’s also important for the guys on the front lines to let their feelings be known in times of crisis. They know the enemy better than anyone so their words should carry added weight.

When activist judges step in and block the Presidents efforts to keep us safe, in order to protect rights of non-citizens, that’s a crisis.

So even though their actions are technically a violation of Clause 4.1.2 of the DoD directive that says,

“A member of the Armed Forces on active duty shall not display a large political sign, banner, or poster…”

H/T: Worldnewspolitics

Outside a few liberal anarchists no one cares. In fact, it’s encouraged. There have been many soldiers who served or serve in Iraq come forward in recent days to back President Trump’s temporary ban. Because they see every day what we are really up against and they all favor a temporary ban until we can secure our borders.

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