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NBC News Turns Climate Change Into Real Religion: Offers Site Where You Anonymously Confess Your Sins

On Wednesday, NBC News trumpeted the announcement that it had created a new website where people could anonymously confess their climate change sins. NBC News tweeted, “Blast the AC? Cook a steak once a week? Where do you fall short in preventing climate change? Tell us with Climate Confessions.”

In case you might feel alone in confessing your grave sin, NBC News added, “Click a category to get started and read other people’s confessions.”

Some sample confessions NBC offered to help confessors along included:

I sleep with the air conditioner on year-round and justify it to myself by recycling

I do not believe in man-made climate change and do absolutely nothing to ‘prevent’ it in any way, shape or form.

I fly too much.. partially due to work, but on the flip side I do not own a car.

I will use the easiest method of transportation for the distance I am travelling.

I travel often to conferences (flying). I think about the emissions + try to justify it with, “the plane is going there anyway.”

I think the climate has always been changing, and I’m not going to stop eating meat because of cult-like manipulation by the left.

I use way too many products packaged in ridiculous amounts of plastic. Looking for alternatives.

I like the temperature low in my home so I blast the AC in the summer. Using so little heat in the winter justifies it somehow.

I use enough Q-tips for a family of 8. I have an addiction to them in hygiene purposes, makeup application, even cleaning.

NBC News was mocked on Twitter:

Fox News Contributor Katie Pavlich: “This ‘confession’ page by NBC News about how you supposedly contribute to climate change is insane. Eat meat? You must confess! Use plastic? Confess! Drive a car? Congress! There’s a list of ‘sins.’ Climate change is a religion.”

New York Magazine contributor Yashar Ali: “Wait…did I do this right?”

Psychology professor Geoffrey Miller: “Climate confession: I haven’t done all I could to promote nuclear power.”

Neontaster: “As I keep saying again and again – the problem ALWAYS seems to be regular people doing regular people things rather than ostentatious wealthy people flying in private jets and maintaining 4 houses that are air-conditioned 24/7/365. But plebs shouldn’t eat steak anymore. F*** off.”

Election reporter for DecisionDeskHQ Varad Mehta: “Don’t you dare suggest that climate change is a cult!”

But climate change is apparently a religion of sorts for NBC News; on September 9 the network announced it would be hosting a week of climate-focused topics. The Week reported:

It will feature correspondents reporting environmental and climate stories from around the world, full hours of coverage on MSNBC opinion shows, and its previously promised two-night forum on climate change with 2020 presidential candidates … NBC News’ flagship reporters Al Roker and Lester Holt will report on how climate change is affecting Greenland and Alaska … MSNBC’s Chris Hayes and Ali Velshi will meanwhile moderate the two-day town hall … which will put “2020 presidential candidates in conversation with young voters on climate issues.”

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