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Neil Cavuto Makes Huge ‘Attack’ On CNN on Live TV

The mainstream media is not completely defeated. Fox News Host Neil Cavuto makes sure that everyone should be aware of that. In the report below you can read about how Neil Cavuto lectures stupid liberal “brainwashers” and shows at front of the nation what does it mean to be a real patriot and real journalist. Liberals will cry after what Neil Cavuto did.

This guy is a real pearl and he deserves a MEDAL for being honorable journalist and real professional, but he just couldn’t take it anymore!

Neil Cavuto has been waiting for his chance to strike against the liberal oppressors from the mainstream media and he made a fantastic point. The intellectual masses in the USA refuse to remain silent. But what’s also important and Cavuto also says we need to take care is the huge nubmer of ignorant people who don’t know a thing about what Obama did and the crooked, lying, liberal-meadia broadcasts. And Cavuto is right, the people need to know the truht. The people should know what happens behind the “groovy liberal curtain”.

“It didn’t matter so much when it wasn’t about you before CNN. Vey different now that it’s you being singled out, CNN. See that doesn’t seem very fair now does it? The shabby treatment of your reporters, not very nice now is it? That’s Life I guess. Not fair, often not balanced, and now, you’re experiencing what we have been living. Now you’re taking the royal foxing, and the irony is I feel your pain”- Cavuto BURNED CNN.

H/T Rightforever

This was a good lecture in the form of an impressive speech by Neil Cavuto. People, you know that this is not a propaganda. This man is a real professional and he knows what’s he talking about. We have to be realistic, we must not let the liberals put us in some “comfort zone”. The patriots from the USA have to fight back! Good Job Cavuto!

Source: TDNW

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