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The New Hijarbie Is Sold In Our Stores

There is a new toy called Hijarbie, a Barbie doll dressed in a hijab, the worst thing ever. Haneefah Adam was the inventor and designer the first Hijarbie. This is the designer’s idea of representing her own cultural and religious background.

Adam said that her Hijarbie is the most popular doll among Muslim girls. “It got me thinking about how I’d actually like to see a doll dressed up like I would have — covered up. I was mulling about the idea for about three months while I was still studying for my master’s degree in the U.K. When I got back to Nigeria, I went to the mall, purchased a doll, dressed it up, documented it and here we are,” Adam stated. She came with the idea recently.

The Muslim hijab is starting to be more popular each day. Are the Muslims trying to take over the fashion as well? We can only wait and see what will the time bring.

The Hijarbie is just another threat to Americans. Maybe the time has come for President Trump to send Muslims to their countries. We lived in harmony before they invaded our country. The US was the greatest power in the world, and now it’s just another target of Muslims.

President Trump was right about the Muslims he even signed the executive order to ban Muslims. But the Democrats just attacked and mocked him. And now people like Adam try to change our culture. We have a Hijarbie doll in our stores. Let’s just hope that Trump will find a way to address this issue.

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