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A New Poll Shows Chuck Schum Approval Rating Drops

Senate Minority chairman Chuck Schumer (D-NY) is loud anti-Trump Democrat that is constantly trying to obtain every bit of information that the Democrats can use to impeach Trump. But all that now has backfired.

A new survey shows that 37% of New Yorkers had an unfavorable vote of Schumer, and this the highest rate of disapproval he has ever got. Siena College released the poll this Thursday.

The Dems finally got sick of hearing him attack the president all the time. The results of the poll came just one day after Schumer’s last attack against the president, when he criticized Trump for saying that Republicans should let Obamacare die, claiming that nothing can change his position on this matter.

 “It’s hard to believe that he could say something like that,” said the NYC Democrat. “President Trump’s promise to let our health care system collapse is so, so wrong on three counts. It’s a failure morally, it’s a failure politically, and it’s a remarkable failure of presidential leadership.”

Sadly, for him, he immediately got the message from his supporters for the way he behaves.

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