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New York Dem Rages About Trump Supporters During Townhall: “I Don’t Give A F***”

Democratic Congressman Sean Patrick Maloney of New York did not hold back his disdain for President Donald Trump or his supporters when he called them “a**holes” and shouted that he does not “give a f***” what Trump fans say.

The Washington Free Beacon reports that he was responding to a question from a reporter at a townhall stop while on the campaign trail to become New York’s Attorney General. He was asked a question about a recent campaign ad where he called Trump fans “home invaders” and said he would use a baseball to defend himself against them.

“The baseball bat is about defending your home and your family when someone’s coming through the front door and you have nowhere to run,” he said, adding: “That’s not violence, that’s self-defense. That’s making a decision that you’re going to make a stand or go down swinging.”

When the reporter asked if Trump supporters might take issue with his harsh rhetoric, Maloney said he didn’t care.

“I don’t give a fuck what the Trump fans say,” he replied. “That’s not what this is about. This is about speaking from the heart. About a family I’ve built for 25 years that’s in the crosshairs of these a**holes. And doing something about it.”

Maloney continued: “It feels like the people who are fueled by hate, demagoguery and anger have their s*** together, and those of us who want to talk about love and hope and inclusion have been hiding in the shadows.”

He added: “And it’s time to get out of the shadows and at least defend our ground. But I’d rather even get on offense.”

It is a little ironic that Maloney is talking about people fueled by hate, when it was him who said in an ad that he would beat up Trump supporters with a baseball bat, calling it “self-defense.”

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