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New York Post Goes After Mayor De Blasio With BRUTAL COVER For Leaving Town To Protest Trump

Bill de Blasio certainly made a spectacle of himself while President Trump was dealing with the G20 Summit. And it didn’t escape the eye of the media back home. The New York Post certainly has their ire up over his actions.
eHeadlines has the first slam:

The headline of this article is: “PAYBACK: New York Post Cover PUNISHES Mayor De Blasio For Flying To Germany To Mock Trump”

New York City is in trouble. They’ve just had a bad week so Mayor De Blasio decides to skip town and head for Germany. The day after a police officer was assassinated as she sat in her car. So The New York Post decided it was time to punish the mayor

Here’s what Young Conservatives observed as De Blasio’s failings:
New York City has a lot of problems.

The transit system is so bad that it was declared a state of emergency.
The homeless population is skyrocketing.

A police officer was just assassinated as she sat in her car.

And then The New York Post continues to get their digs in.

One nice thing about speaking to a foreign crowd: They’re unlikely to realize how weird your remarks will sound to the people back home. At least, that’s surely true of the lefties in Hamburg who cheered as Mayor de Blasio waxed bizarre.

… For his audiences, the mayor’s speeches were empty feelgood. Let’s all congratulate ourselves for supporting diversity and openness! Aren’t we just like the civil-rights movement?
Let’s all boo those nasty right-wing populists — we’re the real voice of the people. Save the planet and fight the 1 percent!

For that, de Blasio got a free trip to Europe and a chance visit his son, plus the opportunity to field softball questions from the foreign press and to preen as an international progressive leader.
It wouldn’t be surprising if this wasn’t the last slam we see against de Blasio.

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