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NEWS ALERT: Major Announcement In FBI Investigation Into Hillary Clinton [DETAILS]

Even though Hillary Clinton lost the presidential election, officials are still investigating her infamous email server. That’s why it came as a surprise on Tuesday when the Obama administration told a federal judge that the FBI has still not turned over to the State Department any of the emails they obtained from the computer shared by top Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin and her now-estranged husband Anthony Weiner.

The Washington Times reported that FBI officials said they would turn over the emails to the State Department, but offered no timetable for doing so.

“We haven’t recovered anything from the FBI,” said Lisa A. Olson, the Justice Department lawyer handling the case.

Judge James E. Boasberg noted that the urgency of the chaos has declined massively after Clinton lost the election to Donald Trump.

“What a shock that we have less interest today than in past hearings,” the judge said.

Weeks before the election, FBI Director James Comey announced that his agents found new documents on the computer Abedin shared with her husband that pertained to the Clinton investigation. Olson, the Justice Department lawyer, said yesterday that though they don’t have confirmation of what the documents contain, they believe that they are indeed emails of Abedin’s.

“Ms. Olson said they’ve been told some of the documents are duplicates of what the State Department already has,” the Washington Times reported. “For now the State Department is still going through thousands of Clinton emails the FBI recovered during its criminal probe into the former secretary. Those are being released monthly, after the State Department deletes duplicates.”

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Source: Webdaily

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