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NO JUICE FOR YOU: California Unleashes Most Nanny State Bill Yet

California is home to some of the most absurd nanny state laws in the union: defy a plastic straw ban and you might find yourself behind bars; buy a Happy Meal for your screaming child and the toy is embargoed; catch a $500 fine for improperly discarding your recyclable trash.

Looking to top their absurdity, the California Senate has proposed a bill which would ban restaurants from serving children any drinks other than unflavored milk or water with their meals.

Senate Bill 1192 was proposed by Senate Majority Leader Bill Monning with the intent to combat childhood obesity. It passed the Assembly on Thursday.

Though the bill forces restaurants to only offer unflavored milk or water with children’s meals, patrons will be ​allowed to separately purchase other beverages of their choice, such as soda or juice.

How very kind of California to allow parents such freedom.

Ironically, California is the same state that allows minors to get abortions without so much as parental consent. Which, in an odd way, is consistent: the state does not trust parents to choose their children’s drink nor offer the right guidance to their young pregnant daughters.

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