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Nobel Prize Committe Just Gave Obama Ultimate ‘F*CK YOU’ – This Is PRICELESS!

Geir Lundestad, former secretary of the Nobel committee, says the committee regrets its decision to give Obama the Nobel Peace Prize in 2009.

Writing in his new memoirs he says, “No Nobel Peace Prize ever elicited more attention than the 2009 prize to Barack Obama, even many of Obama’s supporters believed that the prize was a mistake.”

Because he didn’t do anything to deserve it. He got the award for making a few speeches.

He conned the Nobel committee just as he conned the American people.

According to the BBC, Lundestad told the AP news agency, “The committee hoped the award would strengthen Mr Obama.”

But only something of substance can be made stronger. And Barack has no substance. Just rhetoric, empty promises, and a failed legacy.

This is what center left reporter Mark Halperin wrote at the time,

“Barack Obama’s critics have long accused him of being a man of ‘just words’, rather than concrete actions and accomplishments. The stunning decision to award him the Nobel Peace Prize for, basically, his rhetoric, will almost certainly infuriate his detractors in America more than it will delight his supporters.”

Michelle Malkin said at the time,

“Isn’t it so fitting? From community organizer to Illinois state senator to US Senator for 143 days before moving into the White House, and now, the recipient of a Nobel Peace Prize – not for anything he’s actually done, but for the symbolism of what he might possibly accomplish sometime way off in the future. It’s the final nail in the Nobel Peace Prize Committee’s coffin.”

Michelle even you didn’t know how right you were.

Now the Nobel wants their prize back and I say please take Barack with you.

If this wasn’t so sad it would be funny. I am very curious to hear your thoughts on this.

Source: Worldnewspolitics

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