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Norm MacDonald Trolls Lena Dunham on Twitter

We at LwC have no problem publicly fan-girling over Norm MacDonald. Our man Turd Ferguson of SNL fame tickles our funny bone and then some. I’m guessing Norm thought people had forgotten about his awesomeness, so he set out to remind them. He spent the whole morning trolling the bejeezus out of the feminist pudge-monster we call Lena Dunham.

Behold the greatness:

Just a moment:

Take note here. Norm’s jokes don’t revolve around him taking mean-spirited slugs toward Lena. He’s not attacking her personally. Just mocking the silly brain-fartiness which seems to emit from her tweeting appendages.

Nevertheless, leftists will probably take this as another example of a white male patriarch attempting to assert his dominance over a “strong, empowered woman.” Their heads are residing too far up their rectal cavities to know good comedy when they see it.

Norm could have chosen to target Lena’s frequent leftist dumbassery, but landing political blows doesn’t carry the same comedic weight as knee-slappers sans partisan hackery. The recently unemployed Michelle Wolf would be wise to take notes here.

This is what funniness is all about, people. The funnyman engages in some playful ribbing and everyone walks away unharmed. Apart from the lightheadedness you get from all the giggles, of course. Sure, some leftist tender-heart will probably get his romphim in a twist over Norm’s trolling, but he/she/xe will get over it.

Thank God there’s still people like Norm MacDonald who still have the stones to bring the chuckles. For that sir, we salute you.

Speaking of mocking Lena:

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