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North Carolina Just Made Drug Testing MANDATORY For ALL Welfare Recipients – Results Are FAR WORSE Than Anyone Expected…

There’s a growing culture within American society that apparently believes that government should be financially responsible for the well-being of individuals receiving government entitlements, even if they’re willfully irresponsible.

However in North Carolina that progressive culture hasn’t yet reached lawmakers, where welfare applicants are required to take a drug screening test, in order to qualify for benefits.

And as suspected the results was eye-opening, in that approximately ¼ of all the applicants tested positive for drug use, or more precisely 21 out of 89 individuals tested positively for drugs and will no longer receive benefits.

Moreover those that test positive are required to pay back the state the $55 dollar testing fee, which actually acts a deterrent for those using drugs, in that over 70-applicants who were slated to take the drug test, never bothered to show up.

The drug testing is actually a part of a much wider program, designed to help low-income families into accessing paying jobs called “The Works First” program, however receiving government benefits should be predicated on one’s ability to work, and at the very minimum each state should require every childless and able-bodied individual to work for their benefits, at a state and or municipal job-site, at least a few hours a week.

Would you like every state to make drug testing mandatory in order to receive entitlement benefits?

Let us know how you feel about this being the law of the land in the comments below.

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